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The First Impression Sessions course is one of the most diverse offerings we provide and we pride ourselves on being able to cater our content and approach to suit any student and work positively towards their immediate and long-term success.

First Impression Sessions




This one-day session focuses on the roots of our success. We consider attitude, mindset, focus, and confidence and how best we are able to foster these traits within ourselves.

Beginning with explorations of the most beneficial and desirable personality traits we hope to bring to the fore of who we are, we dive in with an experiential, hands-0n approach to help shape the views our students hold, by challenging those things which have held them back in the past.

We explore movement. Through the deconstruction of stance, posture, and fluidity we move through a series of exercises built upon a basis of both Yoga and Tai Chi to experience how movement through our space can foster mindset in a positive way.

Challenging those things which cause us to shrink back is a big part of this course. Additional modules running from mindfulness and meditation, through to memory training and confidence-boosting karaoke give additional scope for our students to broaden their perspective and consider ways in which they can incorporate what they learn into their daily lives moving forward.

We consider direct aspects of health and wellbeing, with nutritional frameworks being discussed in conjunction with the movement modules of our course, to bring mental and physical fitness into alignment.

Within the framework of our hospitality experience we are also able to explore key life skills relating to organization, planning and forethought, and personal development in terms of presentation, standards of behaviour, manner, tone and communication.

We offer a tailored First Impression Session for a varied range of ability levels and backgrounds. Moving from our work with those bearing the weight of both mental and physical handicaps, through the challenge of the spectrum of socially pressured conditions such as anxiety and depression and into the sphere of those seeking to make positive changes to their course of their life following difficulties of the past. We cater to the long term unemployed, those struggling with and overcoming addiction, and our work in fostering life development and employability skills for those currently or recently incarcerated within the prison system is regarded as being a pinnacle within the social and cultural development spheres in Scotland.

For more information you can email Stephen or call 0141 628 6250