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We aim to instill the very best attitude in our graduates, to reinvigorate and inspire their enthusiasm for their craft by educating them on the legacy they have inherited from the cultures of days gone by.

Modern Professional Bartender

A three-day course experience that delivers a fully interactive professional platform through a progressive series of modules that are designed to inspire and ignite true confidence and ability before during and after service.


3 Days


Available Dates:

26th 27th 28th Feb – £295.00
26th 27th 28th March – £295.00
23rd 24th 25th April – £295.00
28th 29th 30th May – £295.00
25th 26th 27th June – £295.00 

Course Tutor:

Scott Gemmell
Lab Manager

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This three-day course experience delivers an in-depth exploration of exactly what defines the modern bartender, at the highest level, in today’s changing industry. The course provides historical context for individual product categories, their production methods, and their impact, as well as the historical and contextual background of the industry itself and its evolution from our ancient past to its modern incarnation.

Our aim is to instill the very best attitude in our graduates, to reinvigorate and inspire their enthusiasm for their craft by educating them on the legacy they have inherited from the cultures of days gone by.

To this end, we deliver a very hands-on, experiential, three-day immersive training experience. From a firm grounding in where our products have come from, our students go on to master the fine art of drinks preparation technique and essential skills, from foundational pouring skills and bar setup preparation, right through to advanced cocktail preparation technique. We work through cocktail-by-committee drink creation and explore the principles of effective balance and theatre to ensure our graduates return to work with a renewed passion for their art and the skills to provide this both for their employers and their guests.

A broad range within our tasting options allows us to explore those aspects of focus which are most appropriate to the experience and current employment of our students. Tasting sessions wherein we explore wine, beer, whisky, and gin give our students the ability to have first hand contact with the different nuances within each, which when combined with our academic focus on production methods and historical context, allows our students to raise their own floor and become accomplished in recommendation, pairing and bespoke tailoring for their guests.

We ensure that our students complete their course with as much hands-on experience in a flowing and creative environment as possible, supported by trainers who work at the highest level within our industry. The additional flair, tips, and tricks of the trade which flow from the experience and confidence of our trainers guarantees to add flair and passion to each and every one of our students, ensuring that they are able to return to work with a wealth of new knowledge, skill, and experience to share with their colleagues and guests alike.

Concluding the course on the final day will be our trade-famous Drinkubator event, where students are given the chance to bring together everything they have learned so far, challenging their own creativity while meeting with representatives of the best in our industry. We network with the best bartenders, selected for invitation to our Drink Lab, bringing them together with representatives from a broad range of distributors and producers to explore new and exciting products with which we can experiment.

“The Liquid Academy was the perfect place to fine tune your skills as a bartender, no matter what level you are at. From training on the most effective ways of movement to learning about the history of bartending and alcohol. The guys at Liquid Academy cover everything in great detail and give you another perspective on professional bartending. On top of everything, they also provided us with Cocktail, Gin, Whisky and Beer tastings and helped us to refine our palates; which in turn allowed us to elevate our own cocktails to another level. I would thoroughly recommend this course to bartenders of all levels and wish Scott and the team every success in continuing to provide this industry-leading bartender course in Scotland and the UK.”
John Grigor
Cut Bothwell, Bar Manager

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