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The First Impression Sessions course is one of the most diverse offerings we provide and we pride ourselves on being able to cater our content and approach to suit any student and work positively towards their immediate and long-term success.

First Impression Sessions




The “First Impression Sessions” is a five-hour training module designed to deliver outcomes that have a positive effect in the world of hospitality, as well as the wider context of day to day life, well being and employability.  Delivered through the eyes of bar hospitality professionals, the session is designed to be interactive and highlight the core traits that define great service, social experiences and above all a healthy relationship with drinks of all kinds. Throughout the session we cover the following key points:

History of the World in 6 Glasses
Water, Beer, Wine, Spirits, Tea & Coffee – A concise insight into how what we drink has shaped the history of the world to the present day.
Modern Reality
Our addiction to sugary sodas & energy drinks and their effect on our health, body, and mind.
Dangerous Cocktails: aspartame, neurotoxins, caffeine, mental stimulants, sugar.
What are the long and short term effects of a poor drinks diet?
Symptoms: mental health issues, diabetes, caffeine addiction, concentration problems, educational problems, insomnia, cancer, blood clots, heart attacks.
Body Chemistry
Understanding your own body chemistry is key to redefining your relationship with drinks of all kinds. If we understand how our body reacts and interacts with the liquids we consume, then we can change our relationship with drinks through the positive message creative drinks mixology can deliver.
Body Language Behind Bars
First Impressions play a huge part in the success and perception of any individual or operator in the hospitality industry today. This micro module within the course helps deliver contextual tips and tricks that will help elevate and refine the social skills of the trainees.
Essential Kit & Equipment
Station set up, the order of service, mixing methods and perfect pour. Drinks delivery challenge also perfected via tray carrying assault course finale.
Aroma Recognition
Designed to heighten our perception of smell – this module helps trainees get in tune with their senses so they can trust them fully when making and creating their own cocktail.
Familiarising Ingredients
Get to know the ingredients – taste and form opinions. Creative direction for the design of cocktails utilizing a wealth of herbs, syrups, tinctures bitters, vermouths, spirits, pressed juices and fresh fruit. (Soft if applicable)
Drinks mixology
Building the layers of a nutritious and healthy soft mixed drink & alcoholic cocktail will be the finale the trainees have been working towards throughout the session. The finale will be their presentation of a tasty soft-tail and cocktail in front of each other. This will be judged by the Drinks Smiths at the Liquid Academy with a top three announced at the end.
Team Photo to Finish
For more information and costs please get in touch with our training team to arrange a visit to our academy or conference call to shape our training together in the future to work for you and your business.